Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Happy 6th Birthday abang Ahim....


Abam Pohim or Ahim turned six yesterday. He was five the day before yesterday. I wasnt keen to say he is seven...

If he is six,he is six.

Born in 2015 , he is six comes 19th October 2021. And not a day earlier or lesser.

Well..I have quite an argument when he was said to be seven. 

Haha....macam pening kan . Nak kira umur.

Happy Birthday , Selamat Hari Lahir, Sanah Helwah.....

Tok loves you however,whatever, whenever

Size, IQ, and others dont matter

You are a wonderful present to me.... forever and ever.

Semoga big brother Pohim di dalam rahmat Allah swt sentiasa. Membesar dengan sihat dan selamat. Menjadi insan yang bertakwa dan berbakti kepada semua.

Happy Birthday cuu...

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