Thursday, December 17, 2009

near misses – chicken shits


Pa or ba as we called him was famous for his short of temper.It was panas baran but mum was one cool dame.Their combination was such that sometimes its hard to accept but we children persevere.

Although we were dirt poor but for ba there was no excuse for having red marks.Our books were scrutinised every night and low marks in exams means whacking .Mean whacking.

I think I might be in my first year in an English medium school.Being among the youngest in the class I must be struggling to adapt to the new medium of instruction.

Formerly I was in an all malay girls school right in Kulim town and its just a walking distance away from home.

In Year 3 ,together with year 4 and 5 pupils all over the country we sat for an exam.This was for the admission to the special malay class . To our surprise 5  year three pupils passed the exam and were sent to Tunku Malik School in Kilang Lama from my school. And I was one of them!

So in our class the age ranged from 9,10 and 11! and it was a co ed school.No longer was I dressed in baju kedah but in a pinafore.No longer was I walking to school but I have to walk and struggled and scrambled for the bus at the bus station.

One night ba was going over my sister’s books and he was one fierce teacher.It would be my turn next.Well my exercise books were not in order.So silently I crept down from the house and hid behind the house . I didnt know what made me go into the coop when I heard my father’s thundering voice calling for me.

When they found me, father’s anger had subsided and I was spared the rod.Ha ha who said chicken shit didnt save your day?Well mine did.

My friends from yr 3 sekolah perempuan kulim were Azizah,Sabariah,Aishah and Mariah. ALL their names ended with ah.Funny kan except me with on. Teringin nak jumpa depa and cikgu Tom was my teacher. Sayang cikgu.

What happened to one Ishak Harun from my yr 4-form 5 classmate? I heard that he was involved in a freak accident in Melaka.Hope it was not him.

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