Sunday, March 3, 2024


 Dah lama benar tak lalu jalan ini. Adalah bertahun.

Oh me oh my. Wasnt I taken by surprise! Yes,indeed.

Jalan Kilang Gula as we call it was a countryside that eyes could be hold.

We used to awe at the beautiful scenery along the road.

The green lush undulating hills reminded us of NZ.

But all those were gone.

The green luscious hills are now 'gondolised'  to make way for the Perlis Inland Port . 

The sugar cane plants were gone. Rubber trees are in place instead.

We came across trailers upon trailers along the road. Carrying 'harta Karun ' from the gondolised hills nearby.

Sayang sunggoh lihat bukit2 yg sdg digondolkan.

In a few years rasanya jgn terkilan bila semua bukit yg cantik tu dah tiada.

Bukit Cabang pun dah rebeh ! 


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