Sunday, June 26, 2022

He aint slow......he aint low.

 Yesterday, I got pictures and videos of him participating in a sports event. His first ever.

Held by his tadika, it took place somewhere in KL.

If I were not wrong, this event usually includes all tadikas of the same company. Little Caliphs of the same district/ state. Am not too sure.

Fateh was one reluctant little kid who would scorn at the mention of 'school'or 'sekolah'

We were bemused with him whenever the word was mentioned. 

No school should be mentioned and no amount of coaxing would change his mind.

So we tiptoed whenever he was around and school matter was discussed as quietly as we could.

When asked why he was so against schooling,here were some of his reasons....

School bicing. Budak layi.

Makan cikit. Adik lapo

Ayah ambik lambat. 

Adik sushah nak pake baju. Toyet bucuk.

One night I saw him asking his mom how to spell a word. The four year old kid was searching for a u tube series on his phone.

'Tu la adik kena pi school. Boleh belajaq ABC. Adik boleh baca, cari you tube sendiri' He shook his head. 

When the holiday was over and school reopened , he was still adamant not to go to school.

But one day we were pleasantly surprised when we heard that he went to school that day. It was his brother who coaxed him to school. Good job big brother!

Until then, his presence to school was very impressive. His mom was surprised at his progress.

Yesterday, we were happy to see him taking part in his school event. 

He aint slow ..... 

He aint low.....

He proudly posed for a pic with his medal.

Wan tentu shuka tgk adik minang.....He said. Asking his mom for a photoshoot. 

Yeay... adik minang. Tahniah! Congratulations little chum. 

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