Thursday, July 22, 2021

Up up and away....


Yesterday,yet another record high for our beloved motherland Msia.

I quivered when the statistic was out for yet another day of covid related mortality.

I gulped. No. no, not another record please....

That sunken feeling reeled in my heart and I felt sorry.

Sorry for those who lost their family members.

Monkey! Where are youuuu ? I called out. Soon I spied him resting peacefully under the table.

Ehh kat sini ya. Awat tak keluar?

Monkey didnt pay heed to my question. He shrugged and continued sleeping.

Cikli was away at his mom's house for a chat. Its in the same compound. A few steps away.

Sapu sampah dah. Basuh pinggan dah. Ehh what to do before I start cking for our afternoon meal? I turned to the comfort f my gadget..haha

Scrolling around,I was attracted to a sale on marketplace.

Vinca gantung for RM 18.00!

Aha... a wicked scheme soon materialised. Berbelanjalah apa lagi..hihi.

Contacted the seller by the name of Nurul.

After a few exchanges , I made a purchase. 8 hanging vincas and petunias. 

By six the purchased vincas and petunias were hung successfully around the compound of RBL. 

I need some thing to while away. To brighten my sunken heart . Hope the flowers do enlighten the day for me. 

Hari hari dok ikut statistik covid buat hati terasa cemas.

Semoga perasaan ini diubati dengan pokok pokok bunga ini. I shared my daughter's view when she bought plants to brighten her balcony in KL.

Betul juga kata dia... Masa masa begini kena cari sesuatu yg dapat menyenangkan hati. 

Semoga bunga bunga vinca dan petunia yg dibeli bertahanlah dan memberi seri pada kehidupan ciklicikson sehari hari.

gambar googled.
kalau dapat laguni lagilah seronok kami.
UP ,UP and awaylah segala gundah dihati

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