Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Shopping from home...a simple guide.

 Someone went agape when I remarked that I shop from my home.

Hrrgh...membazir. Senang kena tipu. Tak boleh tengok,tak boleh rasa. 

Tak pandailah...said another.

And a lot of other negative remarks were passed..uuuh..said me.

Membazir? Is it so when you can get things cheaper than from physical shops near me.

Senang kena tipu?  Well when you dont know . You are gullible . 

Tak boleh tgk,tak boleh rasa...oh thats right,but there's the reviews. 

Here are some simple guides which I adhere. Not to the extreme btw.

1. Choose a platform.

Well,my choice is Lazada. Second is Shopee.

I dont go for Sponsored ads on fb. And tiktok too. 

2. Know how to look for the most reliable shop.

Preferred. Brands outlet. .....some of the key words.

3. How to search.

Just type in the search box.Know your key word.

4. Compare prices.

Click on the picture. You will be brought to the page where you can compare the best prices.

5. Know the time to buy.

The best offer ,discounts, sales, member price etc.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got a 100 ringgit discount for a pair of shoes from Camel Active.

Being a member and buying with vouchers entitled me to have the discounted price.

So too were some electrical goods that I bought.

6. Know your rights.

Then there's the review,refund,return.

Thats all folks. 

Some guidelines for shopping on the social media.

Maybe some extra points that been missed out. Care to share if you dont mind.

Bye. See you next time.

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