Friday, May 27, 2022

Bila lama.....banyak ceritanya...haha

 Hampir sebulan lebih tak menjenguk kat sini. Sibuk dan kurang sihat pula. Tambah dengan berbagai masaalah menjelma yang perlu perhatian ....aduhai.

Oh well ,when was the last time I sat at my table facing my window with the sawah view. It was April the 20th! oh me oh my.

Lots of things happened. Some good some downright maddening .

1. My old house at number 7 was in total disrepair. Thanks to the termite infestation. I felt like crumbling to my knee when I saw the damage done. Dont know yet when I have the strength to bring it back to it formal self. Thanks to cikli making her a store for his belongings. Everything is ruined....

2.Cikli's spat with the cleaner make my damage harder. I lost a reliable company to take care of cleaning my very frustrating.

3. Someone has an operation. Small as it was,it worried me not able to lend a helping hand.

4. Things that I never ever anticipate did happen....oh why me

5 Lastly I succumbed to all pressures and was immobilized. Had that frightening experience of being a stroke patient. Rang the ambulance at early morning . Doctor said I had problem with my back and affected my limbs. Thankfully for the treatment at KPJ I am near my normal self. For three hours in the emergency dept it cost a thousand buck...

But not all are in gloom....

Weak as I were, I managed to ...

1. Celebrate Raya with my family members. We had lontong in the house with ciklin as the chef. The best lontong said someone. 

2 The cucus were here to celebrate Raya. How chirpy they were and cheered us with their antics. Love my cucus dearly. 

3. I managed to decorate my house even under duress. We had new furnishing for the house thanks to Lazada and Shopee. 

4. Managed to join the marriage and wedding of my nephew in Pokok Sena. Selamat Pengantin Baru Safuan and spouse. May you all be blessed. Congrat adik Bib for having a new menantu. 

5. Visit my ailing adik ipar in SP . Rasa perjalanan naik komuter pergi balik. Quite an experience. May Allah swt blessed him with speedy recovery.

Haha,like to share my new deco of my house. Tak lah gempak mana pun. Just as a memory that even on wheelchair I took the initiative to change the environment of my tiny house.... here you all....berkat pertolongan adik yg bernama Lia..

Lazada's catch

another catch

alatan pertukangan 

eh apa dlm ni... lupa pulak

bertungkus lumus jahit tangan cantum dua keping.

dalam cobaan nak mewangikan rumah, lelahla pulak bau dia...haha

jadilah rupa ni..

living room 

meja makan... la awat tudung meja pakai curtain
Nak tema coklat begitu

sofa yang barai dek di cakar kucing pun dapat sofa cover dari China.
Throw cushions dari Msia. Murah murah saja.
Carpet Joe Raja lelong pilihan cikli...

All in all, if anything happens , stay steady. Dont worry. Everything will pass. Semua kuasa Allah yang memberi. Terima dengan tenang hati. Allah kan maha mengasihi.

Bye. Have a nice day . Sayang semua.