Sunday, October 17, 2021

They are here again!

 Yesterday, as I bade  goodbye to my sonny bonny, I glanced upon a scene.

Right there across the road, two busy tractors were ploughing the sawah plot ,with a flight of birds busying themselves too. It was a beautiful sight. And immediately got hold of my phone to record . Cant just let the moment pass by just like that. Alas, the video didnt do credit as desired.

The undan came and went. Just like the children of RBL. They came and go. A fortnight before,cikten came back with the children and cikna came by bus. ETS wasnt in service just as yet.

Abang came on Thursday and by Saturday back home to his nest. A condo in OUG. Ciklin and hubby would be making home at the end of this month ,she said. And cikten would make another come back in December..... 

Ciklicikson, is just like the tiny plot of sawah across the road. We might probably be here,now and forever until we are no longer here. With cikli dialysis routine, travelling is out of question. So too is cikson with the aching limbs.

The other day I came across vblog by one famous photographer. Saiful Nang if I got the name right captured the beauty of Perlis. Cantik sangat.

Through the lens of a professional photographer, ordinary sight becomes remarkable. I was thrilled . Hey.. everyday I drove along a river and sawah fields too when I was teaching in TTB. So too my journey to and from school to Chemumar. It was such a sight to see. Breathtaking. 

So probably, if the chance materialise, I would persuade my girl to make a tour of Perlis like Siaful Nang. Me in tow with a camera ready.

Timah Tasoh, Bukit Chuping,Wang Kelian, the sawahs, the river would be my in my radar. 

Melalui beberapa video Saiful Nang, adoiiii.... terserlah kecantikan tempat tinggal cikson. Tengoklah sendiri. Kalau tak jatuh hati, tak taulah...

Memag betullah... ditangan pro, yang biasa biasa biasa bertukar jadi luar biasa. Setuju tak?

Ni pula video cikson tangkap depan rumah guna hphone. Kalau Saiful Nang yg tangkap,tentu kebaboom jadinya. 

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