Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Expecting expectations.....


Shakespeare was right. Wasnt he?

I expected to find solace and happiness in my new place. Someone quipped. But I was disappointed. Everything doesnt seem right. Moaned another.

The grumbler uprooted from her old workplace expecting to fine a better working place with a better perk. Alas... the old place was way much better.

I expect this child to look after me . But look. The one I expect to take care of me has abandoned me. The least expected was the one to do a lot. Said an old mother. 

Just now I watched a short clip of a Malay drama. Reen Rahim was the lead. And Norlia Ghani was the mother in law. 

Dia ingat anak dia Khir Rahman kaya raya, namun sebaliknya. Menantu perempuannya yang empunya semua . Ada hati nak suruh anak dia kahwin lain sbb dia ingat selama tu anak dia mampu...huhu. Rupanya palsu. Baru termangu mangu. Sampai ke sudah anak dia tak bertemu calon menantu baru.Sedangkan bini yang baik, berjaya, membantu dah dia cerai talak satu. 

In real life, ada tak macam tu?

Buat keputusan melulu. Expectation setinggi Gunung Kinabalu. Last last rugi selalu.

Thats all folks. Bye.

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