Monday, September 20, 2021

Mujuq lagi...

 Its cold up here in the north right this very moment.

Been raining  non stop since last night. The sky now seems bleak . No rays of sunshine line the horizon . 

Seen people posting about their Langkawi holidays in the media. And all seemed happy and carefree. Who said there's danger lurking in the corner. From covid threat thats threatening and menacing if you havent known.

ON THE HOME FRONT..... a little bit lost. These MCOs and the lot are distressing indeed. Its been months that we saw our beloved children and families. 

Sometimes I wonder.. for how long more? 

You know what, I am presently hooked to one or two Vlogs. Well, those videos like blog . Mostly on life in foreign lands. One is about a Scotlander who travelled to most parts of the world. A one Dale apatah..

The other is from a Kedahan now living in Guinea. Kita orang Kedah sudah semestinya minat anything Kedahan. I love her grit . Not many of us could face a life so  much different from our normal. 

Being holed up at home, I took to follow one website..Group Kelas Mengaji Personal. You get to choose when u like to follow. Being a caregiver for many years, I have limited time to venture out. Those days having to go to various hospitals, clinics for hubby treatments deter me from being socially active. 

And now comes dialysis and MOPD.... lagilah. The end of going here and there.Bye bye ETS and Subang airport. Bye bye KL and Kuantan. 

Mujur kenal internet. Dapat juga berhubung dengan dunia luar. 

Hubby kalau balik dialisis sekarang ni sakit selalu. Kesian dia. And he has only me to take care of him. What to do kan...Got to surf why and how to overcome his nerve disorder. Is it because of his diet or what. 

Kereta pun dok bagi  pening jugak. Awat la dok menyala signal enjin tu. haih.. Dah satu hal kena solve sendiri. Baca kat google dan handbook kata kena bawa pi workshop. Satu kerja lagi. Mujuq dekat.

Well... mujuq lagi. Hujan lebat semalam . Mujuq tak banjir. 

*By the way,vlog budak Kedah tu namanya Mr and Mrs Camara. 

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