Monday, June 14, 2021

Where are we heading ,Msia?

 Unbelievable. It could not be Msia. I told myself.

But.. if it appeared in the mainstream news,then it could be the truth. Not rumours.

17 meninggal akibat covid. I read.

Dalam tempoh dua minggu jemaah sebuah masjid meninggal akibat covid. Berita katanya berlaku di sebuah taman di negeri kelahiran cikson. Di Jitra,which is like 40 minute drive from here.Its frightening that this virus could wreck such havoc in just two weeks.


And to see on tv,children as young as two taken to hospital and quarantine centres is heart breaking too.

And yet another picture came along to dampen our spirit. A picture of  foreign workers tested positive of the dreaded virus being transported in a lorry. Herded!

eehh... gini pun ada....

Why cant the management provide a better mean of transport for them. 

Then there are the other happenings that may make us pening.......

*The ICU in all hospitals are full.....warned KKM.

*The oxygen leak at KHL

*The angry arrogant woman spat with the enforcers

*The happenings at Istana Negara

*The SPM results.

Are making us ordinary Malaysians in our sixties wonder..

What is happening Msia...where are we heading to ? Pening kepala sesiapa yang berada dlm pentadbiran kan...

Today 14th June should mark the end of MCO 3.0 but it doesnt......

Please, lets do our part to make this only country that we call our homeland great again..

Stay Home and Stay Safe

Encourage others to go for vaccination. 

Do not spread news that are not from accountable resources.

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