Sunday, November 22, 2020

Ehhh...ranting is on...2

 Lama tak buat kerja ketuk mengetuk keyboard secara marathon. Semalam I did it. Ha.. mau tak senget tulang belakang.

Anyway, semasa kerja mengetuk tu, I played the Quran with Translation. At least ada juga something yang menenangkan. Having ayat ayat quran read and translated to you . Allahuakbar.

Its an uphill task getting back those lost pictures . Heck of a heckle,I tell you. To me to be precise. Someone who is beyond technicality. Have got to relearn using those picture archives, Window Live Write and so forth.

Starting from 2009 when I first wrote my maiden post, I manage to rummage the pictures for my posts until May 2011 to date. Not an easy task though.

Tired, I climbed into bed past midnight. Scroll my phone for any urgent messages and then inching to fb. Sakit mata sakit kepala baca posting berkaitan KWSP. What? 1 trillion ringgits in limbo? Biar betoi!

Harap2 apa yang dibaca ttg KWSP hanyalah rekaan. Fake news. Serrrram wei kalau benar. I have 2 children being the account holders and cntributers. Cant brain what the outcome if its true.

Reading and following the happenings in our beloved homeland sometimes .....Allahu.

May Allah SWT keep us safe.


  1. scary kan about kat kwsp huhuhuhu

    1. Atie,
      Semalam dah sah bolek keluar 10k. Ramailah yg suka. Tapi kena ingat consequences nya nantikan.