Monday, February 13, 2017

Sekali sekala ... Lexis Hibiscus,PD kita ke sana

The other day, being a public holiday for WP and another extended holiday for Cap Goh Meh, cikten had a quite long weekend. Since nobody was coming home,we mooted the idea of spending our time with the children in KL.

Cikten booked a 3D2N stay at a hotel thru Agoda and without us knowing it was the Lexis Hibiscus.
Mahal Ten, I politely turned down.
Banyak duit tu..
Dah book la mama.... came her voice over the line.

So,it was a 5 star hotel retreat for the family minus one. Ciklin couldnt make it as Pahang was not observing that holiday.

Entering the premise ,after quite a journey,we were greeted by a huge glaring red signpost bearing the hibiscus flower. So our stay begun when we checked in at 4 that Thursday afternoon.
The staff ,the bell boys were efficient and were ushered on the buggy with our belongings to our room ...Executive Villa

The room was tastefully made up and there were 2 king sized beds ,sofas and other amenities. A dipping pool was the main attraction in the villa and too was the sauna. We could see the sea through the glass floor. Alas,the water was cloudy and no fish was sighted except leaves and bunga kertas floating by.

The room was spacious enough and accomodated 6 grown up . It was a common sight to see hotel quests bringing pillows and totos along with their belongings.

Food was not provided... no breakfast . So the first day we settled with bread and drinks provided and went for an early lunch at a joint in a MARA stall in town. Dinner for the first day was at an eatery bearing the name Mesra. For 200 bucks ,its quite expensive as in Kuala,we were usually charged a 100 ringgit for the same fare.

At first we were not aware that there is a cheaper foodcourt in the hotel premise. On our second evening, we had char kotiaw Penang style for RM 10. Way cheaper if we were to dine in the hotel restaurant.

By and by,we had to say goodbye to PD on that Saturday. Taking the pantai road this time ,we soon reached Bukit Mahkota ,my youngest sis home. After a lunch of gulai ayam,daging dendeng we made our way home to pv.

Takutlah dengar cerita ada sakit misteri kat Kajang. I told my sis that  Bukit Mahkota  was in the list.
But after weighing the pros and cons,we continued our way there.Their area was not affected and eating home cooked meal was much safer...haha.
Thanks Bib . Love u all.

Oh ya... there was the visit to the doctor too for cb. No more consuming drinks with its expiry date on the same day esp dairy products....kesian eena.

And before going home,I discarded a whole pot of gulai udang kuah and potatoes when something black was bobling in the gravy. It seemed the coconut milk has gone bad. Mujur udang belum masuk lagi. Sambal udang was served later instead of gulai udang. Kesian kami...

Itulah saja cerita kami ke PD. Entah bilalah pula boleh pergi lagi.

Lexis Hibscus pictures googled.

Bilik exec... ada lantai kaca utk tgk air dibawah.

Bentuk bilik  dari luar


Kolam utk  berendam

Di hujung daun villa sementara kami

ni villa mahal lagi...dikelopak bunga pula yang ni.
thats all folks... cerita ciklicikson di Port Dickson.Bye.

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