Thursday, December 8, 2016

our story...

So many things transpired these few days.

Cikli was warded at Hospital Tuanku Fauziah ,had a minor surgery. Only ciklin was in attendance to his father's needs and demands. Yours truly been taken ill and could only fend for herself.Pity her for having to run errands here and there and also in the wee hour of the morning .Alone.Walking the dark alleys of the hospital ground from ER.... just as what I did  earlier.

Those few days were really a test of everything. Mum was sick at home,not a single food down her stomach and then the ultimate happened.
To ER she went...

The fever subsided eventually but one thing  was dominant....short of breath in many circumstances.No talking ,no this and that..

This afternoon,ciklin returned to KL. Mum was one finicky woman until she heard of her safe arrival at PV. Syukur Alhamdulilah.

Then cikli rang to tell that he would be discharged soon. As the able bodied messenger was no longer at home,mom had to take the task herself.
At three she braved herself to drive the dusty brown iriz towards the hospital in town.
Parked the car at the handicapped carpark and sauntered into the lobby towards the guards.
Maaf ya makck park sat saja kat situ. The answer was a stern NO.
After a while I was given the green light to park the car beside the lobby but not in that area after explaining that I just got treatment from ER..So much for reasons. Makcik boleh pengsan kalau jalan jauh jauh.Reality pun. I wasnt my steady self .

After bundling cikli in the wheelchair, I wheeled him to the lobby. So surprised that urusan keluar spital could be that fast.

By 4 cikli was safely ferried home by termengah mengah punya isteri...

By 8 cikli was out of home to a meeting watched by the wife with gritted teeth.
Biarlah luncai dengan labunya... she said to herself. Tak kuasa dah nak bertojai. She got to take care of herself too.

Thats all folks. Gudnight.


  1. Assalam, muga segera sembuh, sihat dan bertenaga seperti biasa.

  2. Saya dan keluarga juga mendoakan agar semuanya sihat........sila jaga kesihatan sama naa.....