Saturday, July 23, 2016

Waking up....being Fohim.

Browsing fb ,I chanced upon this caption:

dari fb

Aduhai rindunya pada budak tecik ni.
Nak buat camana...dia di KL,atoknya nun jauh di utara.

Dah sepuloh or is it nine dia. Bulan October nanti baru genap setahun.
The last time he visited maktok was during the raya holidays.
He was grumpy,not wanting any body. The long distance that he had endured to reach Perlis had an effect on him.
busying himself

ada la tu yang mengacah dia

happy sokmo
mak dia pun dulu peramah benar..sapa tak kenal kak aten..

Then he noticed someone who frequently visited him at his own home in pv KL.
I cant help but felt amused at his attempts to catch the attention of missy eena,or his makngah who was entertaining a friend.
Hooooh...hooooh...huah...and a wide grin on his face was telling that he wanted attention from aunty eena.
When aunty took notice,his grins widened even further and broke into squeals.

He would be undoubtly the centre of attention for years to come with his antics and tantrums . Being the first cicit to nekma and wan saad. And the only cucu for maktok and tokwanli...

He made himself busy with anything. Pulling the shawl off someone's face . Talking to the cats.Turning on his back and chewing his fingers. He likes to sing songs too.
Well...I think he knows what a gadget is and tried to imitate mum on her handphone.

I have 4 children and it was sure a raving time bringing them up. Alas at that time we didnt have the handy phone to snap or capture those moments . So most incidents or accidents went unrecorded .
If not....haha tentu banyak episod yang terakam hasil lakonan anak2 berempat tu.

hebat dia..
ketawa lagi..

atok n cucu

asyik apa agaknya

baju kena bubuh dalam ni la mama....

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