Friday, July 10, 2015

DIY...small little things ....cable tie

I didnt know much about them till a year ago.When we first moved into RBL ,I was a bit concerned about the fence beside the house. The fence runs between my neighbour's backyard and our wall.So when we opened the glass door ,we would be greeted by the hens' house,the kitchen and the bathroom about 5 metres away..

So , I turned mcquiver and covered the fence with wire /plastic mesh.Lo and behold,the hens house and all the eyesores were there no more...hidden from eyesight tho its still there.
the fence....cable tied wire mesh

And the small little things came to good use.
I mean these obscure little things called cable tie....

cable tie

how to tie 

After finishing the fence project,I had a bunch of them left.
Soon they were put to good use.
The mugs were seen hanging from the window .
Like this...

hanging mugs

the s hook and the cable tie

After that,the cable ties were handy in many occasions.......
The container for plastic bags found itself hanging.
The other day when the pump for the toilet didnt work,the mcquiver in me knew what to do.

And when I asked mr.tenet about the other uses of this small little things,he gave me a number of uses...
and this blog has 100 uses of them small little things...

Thats all folks
Salam Ramadan.Bye.Have a nice day.


  1. Dah pernah ternampak gadjet tu
    Mmg sgt berguna
    Terima kaseh cikgu
    Once a teacher... Always teaching....
    Ilmu yg baik dipergunakan org

    1. Akak,
      Kalau pergi kedai DIY,cikson berkenan macam2.
      Sama2 kasih....betul tu sekali dah jadi cikgu seronok bukan main dapat mengajar.Semoga ilmu yg dishare itu dapat membantu.

  2. a'ahlah.. idea menarik.. tak pernah cuba pulak cara tu.. terima kasih ye dengan idea ni..

    1. You are welcomed...
      kalau nak buat pagar tu,selitkan mesh tu keluar dan masuk dlm tiang besi.Last sekali baru guna cable tie...
      pagar saya dah thn setahun...Rasa nak tukar warna la pula lepas ni.