Sunday, December 29, 2013

tobat nahu.

The other day after attending a wedding down south we made a stop over at Sg Petani arah selatan...the one with the sign showing Baling and Kuala Ketil.I was forever apprehensive about taking that route to where my mum is..Pengkalan Lebai Man.
After exiting the tunnel ,we turned right into the road leading to the factories.And I was puzzled on the right choice to make...I mean the turning at the junction.Should we go left or right?Should we trudge on? And there was an instance when I lost my cool..
Eh...kalau tak jumpa kita balik saja lah...
We ended in going round and round like round and round the mulberry bush.And was I not exhausted.More so was the driver...cikli la sapa lagi.
Eventually after nearly half an hour of getting lost we finally arrived at my sis home.
Eh...tobat nahu nak ambik jalan tu.Biaq pi jauh dari dok pusing pusing...cikson grumbled..She likes to say tobat nahu...what grammar!
tok hajah senah and the cucus

si cilik yang keletah
After a cup of nescafe and bits of chit chat cikson asked tokton whether she would like to go to Perlis.Tokton was hesitant in her choice..
Ni nak pikiaq ...
And after some considerations she made her mind to decline my offer.
Eh nanti apa kata cikleh...her menantula tu... kalau mak pi.Tak cakap apa apa pun kat dia. every move she made she would consider others..

In the end we departed from her house to another another taman nearby.
It was late evening when we made our way home..two old folks sometimes talkative and sometimes drowned in his and her own thoughts..

Awat tak tau sejak dua menjak ni writing in English macam tak lancar saja...macam tak kena saja..

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