Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Come sing with me

A class should never be  a dull class .Where its only a one way traffic.Where teacher babbles and students sit tightly . .Listening...  No no...English lesson should be always fun,interesting for the children and teacher alike.
Thank God,I was an English teacher.So when I sang,I played games. I told stories ,I  used puppets,I dressed up my students in costume no body would frown upon me.Mau nye I teach Maths,Agama...dok terkinja kinja tentu orang kata apakebende cikgu pencen ni dok buat.Buang tebiat ke?

Oh well,there are a few songs which I taught my kids even tho a few words may be unsuitable.. and afraid that its sensitive,I would change the lyrics here and there.

Check these out.
Oops so sorry,cant upload the videos...But I tell u : mamason 's choice of song might not be found in KPM 's book cos I love nonsensical songs ....haha...biaq pi oghang nak kata...Asalkan bahagia.Dan tak mengancam keselamatan negara.Juga detrimental to education.Right?

That silly pirate song was a smash with the children..oh .how they wiggle



And these were my pupils in yr 1 and 2 who dared the stage and loved it.


am ok or is it


the shirt

the applique

the performance.


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    1. hi,thanks for the return visit...am for green too.damai.