Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Perjalanan ini...in pictures 1.

The mission to accompany tokton to her youngest daughter's house was accomplished.Kudos to sis Han and hubby.Our journey was not without hiccups buts all ends well .Tokton got to see her daughter's new house and we got to fulfill her wishes.Alhamdullilah.
Here are some pictures that tell the story....

It all begins at the Kangar International Carriage Terminal......the one and only place for commoners like mamason to embark on a journey by bus.Oh well, not to forget Arau international Train terminal.aha.


passing by the biggest manor .Note the arid land.
witnessing the first casualty of CNY road mishap.
the clear bright blue sky along the way
first stop at The Fruit Village
the jam towards Penang and the north
the new face of PUDU

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