Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Kesunyian rumah sejak anak anak dah besar terisi dengan kehadiran mereka.Anak cucu berkaki empat inilah yang menjadi tempat makcik bergurau senda.Haha ...really,these adorable litle creatures do make me smile.
I have seen them come and go.Today they are here but gone another day.We cant keep them all in the house all the time.So off to the backyard the were shooed away.
Had plan taking nina and jade to the vet for that procedure but they were booked till now.So there they are...babies and more babies.But I was wondering why those cute ones keep disappearing leaving those with defects for us to keep.It happened once even the box they were in was taken away.Anyway...if they were adopted,,good for them.

aci luuuuuuuut


hai toooo.

ehhh...jom keluar,Satlagi kena marah baru tau.
Here are some of them......main kejar kejar dalam mangkuk perhiasan bawah meja pula.Cute,arent they.

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