Tuesday, July 31, 2012

knock knock who’s there


Being holed up in cavern no 7 for nearly a month is very very boring.Except for the trip to as kmc,mamason hardly venture out of the house.

Pakli being super busy with his work is seldom home.Going out as early as 8 and coming back home at 6 in the evening which leaves me but no one in the house.

But i have a stream of well wishers after cikli leaves for his office.

The first to come knock a knocking at the front door is none other than ninasandaq.The moment she enters the house,straight to the kitchen she goes…..searching for food.And soon after satisfying her hunger,she curled herself to sleep.

Ooooi nina,mana baby

Instantly,she sprang to her feet and ran to the door…..weeeeeoi..she meowed to her baby kitty outside.


The second to pay a visit without fail is mr blackie.After having something to fill the stomach,blackie would playfully run in the house,flipping carpets .


Sometimes these four legged friends from the neighbouring houses do pay a visit.


Hhaha,who cares if your two legged friends and relatives dont care to call.Kan semua busy mencari rezeki.Lima minit bertanya khabar tentu banyak kerja yang tak jadi.Duit talipon pun bukan dapat free.

Tak gitu cikli.

Haha…..you pun banyak banyak la buat kerja YB,baru bila sakit orang lawati…..cikli memerli.

Terkena aku sebiji pagi pagi.


  1. Assalamu'alaikum Cikgu.

    Tengok gambar kucing, saya baru sahaja balik dari mendengar ceramah sebentar tadi dan teringat nak berkongsi. Ustaz Sharhan Shafie (yang selalu keluar kat kaca tv tu) kata, kalau kucing itu matanya tidak berkelip, kemungkinan kucing itu adalah jin! Wallahhuaklam...

    1. kakcik,
      tq for sharing.takut juga.tapi blackie ni anak jade.kali ni banyak pula anak kucing hitam legam....ada 3 ekoq