Saturday, May 7, 2011


I was driving the Kembara along the bumpy road of Long Boh on my way to school.The narrow two lane road with the river and canal sandwiching it make driving a not for any careless mind.Lest you end up in the paddi field or have a watery bath.

The radio was on and of all the songs that was chosen was one by the late Sudir.Couldnt recall the title but it sure touch my already soggy heart.Tears were running down my cheeks listening to the lyrics.Its none other about someone.Someone I love.Tons of it.

Tok ton ……my mum.

Cikgu kenapa tudung cikgu basah ? Queried one.

Eh tak ada apa apa.Said I.Ayak jatuh kot.

I was touched by the song cos my mum was one who stood a lot of tests in her life.Seeing her children needs and meeting the tantrum of her other half. I doubt others could withstand that much of a test without the family going tumbling down the hill.I salute,adored mum for that.Her steadfastness could have challenged the rocks of Gibraltar.

Mum ,love you  so much.

Its been quite sometimes that your daughter gone to see you.Call you.

Mum ,here’s a bouquet of flowers and this box of chocolates are for you……my daughter olin handed me the presents as she kissed my cheeks.




Happy Mother’s Day.

She has returned to her little place call home for the week and now already back in KL last night taking the last bus.Sedih rasanya tak dapat masak makanan kegemarannya kerana kepenatan dan kesibukan.

Dan rasa rindu pada tokton lagi terasa. Mesti balik juga by hook or by crook.

Ehhh apa nak bawa balik sebagai hadiah?

Bunga? Beg tangan? Oh well I know …..tok ton suka makan prunes!


  1. the best mothers day present will be you..bring yourself home..

  2. Happy Mother's Day mama! Love you mucho,tadi tengok gamba mama pi kenduri,lawa tudung,suits you very well! :)

  3. hani,
    thats what I did .Off to SP we went a journey of a 100 meet her in person.Could see the delight on her face when her daughter came visiting.

  4. Aten,
    TQ so much.Cantik kan ...ala ala Eric.