Saturday, September 25, 2010

the mouse that hides behind the almari


Ahhhhhhh that damn little mouse.Makes everyone angry like crazy.

I was licking the water in the round plastic container when  he poked his head from under the cupboard:

Hey,mister,what ya doing?

He helloed. Ye,he helloed me.Beraninya. This is Dell la ,tak kenal ke?

The moment I turned my head ,he dashed behind the cupboard where I cant reach him.

Hey thambi.Come out la.Kalau berani.I yelled.

The other day,the whole house went dark.One.Two.Three times. or many times.I cant count beyond three.I heard pakli saying that the wire tripped.Hey wire pun ada jatuh tersungkur ya.

I saw that when the water heater was on, the whole house was in darkness.Mamason was worried.Her fears grew even bigger when the fridge too went haywire .Pakli tu dok nak pebaik sendiri .Dia ingat dia MacGyver ke.Jadi sotong kering baru tau.

The next day,the wireman was summoned to the house.He went  drilling for hours.Whooooooor whirrrr on and on.Soon mamason was happy.She had new power sockets.And you know how much she had to fork out for that

250 grams man.

250 bucks la yo … pa said.



Hokey,hokey.Anyway that was a big sum of money.Kesian kan mamason.

The other day papali came back with that odd looking container.Made of besi ,rectangular and it goes zappppp when touched.Pakli put some fish.Hey tak adil.Depa tak bagi Dell makan ikan.Boleh pula letak dalam tu.Hu hu.

That night,from the corner of my eyes.Oh ye I was too sleepy to open my eyes wide.




I heard a squeak.Oh that mongrel again.He was dancing,sniffing around that odd looking contraption.

Ssssssh,its a trap.I heard some one  muttered.

Hey pandaikan semua binatang ni.

Yang dok tak pandai pandai ni yang kaki dua  dan jalan tegak.Dan tangan mereka hayun alternate dari kaki.Kalau hayun sama sama mesti ada tak kena.



  1. Dell! This is shocking. You don't know how to catch a mouse? Are you keturunan si Tom in that Tom & Jerry cartoon? Selalu kena buli dek tikus? tsk tsk tsk... purrr....meow!

  2. Cats nowadays, they don't catch rats.

  3. Mana berani tikus bully Dell,sekali jerkah,dia oarang lari mencicit.

  4. Zezebel,
    Tha cats dont even eat uncooked fish let alone the rats.

  5. naseb tak letak gambar rat yg betul, saya tak boleh tengok. gambar aje pun dah gelii. betul ye kucing sekarang tak catch rats? jadi mcmana nak elakkan dari masuk rumah? saya tak tau sbb tinggal rumah pangsa.