Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dont cry Argentina

Dah jadi macam  apa eh,bila semua team yang di sokong kena dibilang ‘ sayang  goodbye.’

First,I was for South Koreans but their early demise made me go for the Nippons.Lepas  Jepun balik sokong Portugal,lepas tu Brazil and then  is  Maradona’s team.

Semua dah kaput.

Jangan ingat makcik makcik tak minat bola  time  WC. Remembering the last WC,I recalled  the incident at Quality,SA  ( not waka waka neither uncle Johnny)Pakli and the children ganged up to watch the match on the giant screen .I was asleep when they got down.Opening my eyes to the empty room,the fear of being alone in the 20th storey hotel room overcame me.Rasa macam ada orang saja dok perhati.Lekas lekas rang up the father,dressed up and joined the gang.I was groggy from sleep but as the match got hotter ,my cheer got louder.

Mama ni jerit mengalahkan kami. The kids admonished me. I think that was the day,I got hooked to the game.

Argentine’s defeat must be a blessing to Maradona.He had made a pledge to run in his skin if  they become world champ. Tentulah tak sanggupkan nak lihat dia tertong teng  tong teng kalau jadi.

Anyway,Uruguay and Paraquay ,the Latinos are not yet tested.Pada ramalan makcik,the final fight could be between the team from Europe. Germany versus Holland in the final.Nak bet? Jangan, lesen dah di tarik balik!

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