Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Berita panas…

Baru .Masih panas lagi.Suam pun belum.

Cerita or berita apa  makcik ?

Well,I was in fact shivering thinking of the incidence just seen.Back from our shopping trip in Tesco,AS , it was already dusky. We could blurry  see the images on  the road.

Ya Allah,apa tu ?

Sprawled on the tarmac beside the road were 2 or 3 bodies and 4 or more motorcycles. Luckily pakli was able to slow down and a man beckoned us to take the other side. Tapi kan masa tu dah samar samar ,I kind of could not clearly see what was happening.Pakli asked me to snap pictures of the incident. Aduh,nak mengerling badan badan yang dok  terbaring pun tak sanggup,inikan pula nak tangkap gambar.

Before we came to the spot,I was saying to myself:

Awatlah mamat sekor ni dok tunggang moto menyongsong arus,ni nak kena ni.

I think I have not finished thinking to myself when ahead of us was the mangled motorcycles and the riders on the roadside.

Pakli said : tu lah jangan kata

Awat pula?

Mungkin mamat menyongsong arus tu kut yang menyebabkan accident because I didnt see any cars invoved.My guess la.And do you know where the accident happened.

Tu dekat tempat yang makcik described in Cerita seram sepanjang Jalan.

Got to wait for the morning paper tomorrow.

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  1. until this hour ,didnt see or hear news about the night's incident