Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hardeen jopia karega

Dont ask me the meaning. Yup.I m too lazy to google the translated version.

But at this very moment the song is accompanying me while I knocked on the keyboard.Tribute to Radio THR Gegar.

Back in the distance,I could hear the sounds of  fanfare from TV3 Sure Heboh. As The stadium is not far away from my house,we could hear the going ons from there.

We did have the intention to visit Sure Heboh but as it looks that parking the car might be a problem,we shelve the visit for tomorrow. Even now,the road near my house has been taken by the cars. Walking is not an option either. Sajalah nak beli keropok,nescafe ,biskut etc.etc.

Today,me and pakli returned the invitation for  2 weddings and a kenduri aqiqah.

Attending weddings  is sometimes  a sore in my heart when the questions asked were:

Bila cikgu nak buat kenduri.

Awat anak cikgu tak kahwin lagi?

Sometimes I feel like telling :

Kalau tak kerana that one  e--d   ----ster,25.5.2008 dah saya kenduri.

Luckily,no one asked me that question today and thus I have no reason to shout .

Actually, to forget is harder than to forgive.

And the song of gori palki makin rancak on my tv.

image kajol my fav actress

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