Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Read on cu.....dance on cu...

 He's six going seven.

Just a few months into his year one. And am quite thankful that he's getting along quite well. Besides a few days of absence ,his attendance was reasonably good. Amiin.

Last night, momma Ten sent a video of him going through a book. 

Fahim has improved quite drastically on his reading. At six thats quite remarkable.

Must be ready for his round of quizzes when he visits us this coming school break. He delights in dishing questions to his wan .

Last time around it was about minerals. Thanks to his interests in Minecraft.His knowledge is quite considerable .

If elder brother is into books, his younger sibling is enjoying himself  dancing . Last time I was thrilled when he mimicked the Bollywood routine. Latest, he is into Arabic.

Ya habeebeee......

Ginilah bila tinggal berjauhan dgn anak cucu. Gambar dan video jadi pengubat rindu.