Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Hujan Pagi ....

 Hujan pagi ni. Terasa sejuk gedi sekali.

But reading and scrolling news buat panas hati. 

On tiktok I came across many situations that render some thoughts provoking questions. 

The latest being the on going court proceeding of one former PM. 

I dont owe a tiktok account but I did follow and read them. More into blogging even though its outdated. Had an instagram account but it was idle. Just a single post in it . About my masak asam pedas ...haha.

On fb, I wasnt too active either. Just so I remain in the know about the world around . 

Checking on my Blogger ,I was quite surprised by what I saw. Sometimes my reader came from faraway lands. America and Australia, Sweden and even Russia.. 

I dont care what their motives are ,who they were . Everyone welcome to Thru Ups N Downs. The blog page came with Translate. 

And if you are interested to find a subject of interest there's the Search This Blog. Just key in the word,walla, there came all the posts with the keyword.

And if you are keen to know whats in the history of my blog,just go to Archive. There you are. Very convenient isnt it.I have been actively blogging since 2009. 

Ha..me and my blog. 

Do I have any bad encounter while blogging. Yes I do. 

There were times I was being too transparent. I wrote what I think, what actually happened. Then, I send those posts to Draft.... hehe. Yet those thoughts still remain strong ,urging me to write them. 

Haha... But some thoughts are better left unheard,unsaid,unwritten. 

Hujan pagi pagi. Mari sama sama kita muhasabah diri. 

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