Thursday, April 29, 2021

Life's like that....

 7.37 am Malaysian's time.

Here up north, life continues amidst all conundrums ehh  pandemonium.

The crowing of the male chickens are still loud and clear. The birds merrily chirping add music in the air. And the sun in the east is making its presence felt.

Life's like that. Day in and day out.

Cikli is in his month old dialysis . Now at the centre for his treatment. So much had happened since day one. Mentally,physically,financially. But as it is life got to go on. Hope I am strong to deal with the situation. After the initial breakdown, now everything is back to normal. 

Had my first dose of pfizer commirty vaccination a week ago. Nothing much happened. But the waiting for the second dose had me a little bit gingerly worried. Nahh... banyak benar kabar anginnya. Matilah, komalah. Macam2. I let it be in God's hands... InshaAllah . Usah risau terlebih.What will be will be.

The other day on April 27th I turned a year older.  Selamat Hari Jadi cikson.. Thanks to all the bday wishes from everybody who wished. Masih ada lagi yang mengingati. I wish good upon you. 

After a hiatus, it takes effort even to come out with a post like this. 

Life's like that.......


  1. alhamdulillah.. glad to see your writing again.. inshaaAllah Dipermudahkan urusan dlm rahmat kasih sayang Nya sentiasa :) happy belated birthday!

    1. Aamiin. Tkasih SyaNash. Semoga sama sama kita berada dalam rahmatNya.Stay safe always na.