Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sawadeekap... jalan jalan sambil memasak.

I posted the article, then I did something on my Asus Iphone. Lo n behold,the said article was gone! Blimey.

Not wanting it to be gone forever,I struck the keypad of my trusted laptop,trying to recall the things I posted.

Oh goes.
Do you know that we could go places and learn something beneficial from it. Like going to Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand for example.
I came across websites that cater fro travellers who like to cook,bake,arrange flowers and hundreds of other hobbies and knowledge.

In my earnest to find info,I stumbled upon this..

In the tropical haven of Bali ,there's this cooking class for the interested.
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In Thailand there's load of places you can learn from the basic of Thai authentic cooking to advanced classes.

Such an example is Silom. You could learn these during the preliminary course..

Got to go..bye.

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  1. Tu yang dok cari semalam...tajuk ada...then bila klik, apa pon tak dak...tapi dok agak mungkin ada buat penambahbaikan kot...hahahahahahahaha...and ada!