Sunday, May 7, 2017

A beautiful Sunday.... hopefully it is

The sun shines brightly warming the household of RBL. Just after 8 , it is bright and sunny. Chickens roam freely in the courtyard. Birds flying in the sky and the that fat big male chicken cock a dooodle do with all his might. Nina is nowhere to be seen after she went out of the door.

Haha... its part and parcel of the morning scenario. Its peaceful up here with an up tempo song over in National FM.

Things werent as good in the national front with that Austin Perdana fiasco last Friday. Reading postings and forums in the net ,I squirmed at how ignorant some of us could be. Wishing for the country to be back in those 513 time could the foolishest wish could be. Agak agak depa yg dok cakap begini tak beranak dan tgk dunia lagi rasanya...cakap tanpa guna sel sel otak agaknya.

Well... I could write on and on about the dark side of things that transpired during the week. But its a sunny day. Lets celebrate the good things that passed through our lives.

I was in the waiting area in front of the Dewan Bedah when an older lady sat beside me. She , in her 70's look strong and healthy. Driving on her own to come to the clinic. We struck a conversation. And she was eager to exchange her knowledge about taking care of one self. Especially in our prime time. Before we parted ways, she smiled at me and said she looks forward to seeing me in the future. Nyonya tanpa nama , kita berlaian bangsa dan pegangan agama,itu tak bermakna kita mesti buat muka ketat bila berjumpa.Berlapang dada, Cina,India kita masih rakyat Malaysia. Bertoleransi akan buat negara aman sentiasa.

Its a beautiful Sunday. Hope it stays that way all through the day.

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