Monday, April 24, 2017

Sometimes...things are better left unsaid or untold.

Sometimes things are better left unsaid or untold.
Bila disiarkan apa pula kata orang nanti...
Bila diceritakan apa pula kta tuan empunya diri nanti
Aduh.... payah tau menimbang kilo perasaan dan persepsi orang.
Being an over the top worrier , perkara perkara begini ada juga menggangu aku seringkalinya.

As already perceived by my close associates and family members... I have the tendecy of thinking too much. Feeling too much. Emphatising too much. As such, it could be days that I thought about a matter that transpires. Accidentally or intentionally.

There was this case of moi going out of the house and chatting with neighbours.
The moment I came back home, guilt and regrets overwhelmed me.
There was this words shouting back at me.
Hey... why the heck did I say that!

It was also the case when I was being undiplomatically insensible when talking to someone over some matters.
I thought and thought hard for weeks regretting why I said that in a tone so demanding.
Then I plucked the courage to ask for forgiveness from the person. You know what... the guilt was still there and I cant  bear to think I was wrong at the first move...

So was this case that was haunting me...
I was called on the phone by a colleague telling about a co worker of hers. She wanted to know about the person who was sent to her place as her assistant.Well being in the same circle where we shared info, I told her about her predicament. How she was on her meds and so on. I was trying my best to make her feel the person's ill health and be merciful.
Well... that was not to be... I came to know otherwise.
See... coming this from people who on the outside knows about right and wrong I was perplexed.

So ... I was wary of people who like to coin people in their conversations..

Sssssh... ni bukan saya kata tau, ni cikson yang kata...
You tau tak depa kata apa..
Dia kata....

Are some of the introductions of their speeches and conversations.

Where got people...I tak kata pun..hehe.

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