Friday, July 22, 2016

Waking up....whats up m'sia

Woke up when the sun was already shining strong.
Did wake up earlier but the eyes seemed heavy and the body was weary. So continue the sleep I did.

Switched on the laptop....with much anticipation.
Hey Malaysia...Whats up?
And a posting caught my eyes.
Eagerly I devoured the article...
If the said posting is genuine ,then I really pity the writer. Having read about her years before, I was of the opinion that it was her heart writing the post.

Family and children. Mothers daughters and sons . The bond if carefully nurtured could be the most valuable possession on earth.
Having watched too many episodes on tv and real life of family disintergrating when divorces and separation ebbed into the matrimonial web.The children were the ones to suffer.

Malaysia is being watched.
I chanced upon a picture on the web of a crawler in NY Square...
Adoi .... memalukan.

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