Thursday, July 21, 2016

Waking up... the laments of makcik pensioner

Been waking up to quite a number of BReaking News these few weeks.
The Nice Rampage
The Baton Rouge shooting
The German Train manslaughter

Having subscribed to news channels on Astro , it was a ritual for me to switch on these channels in favour of all those nonsensical dramas . But I did have the chance to watch quite a different type of drama two days ago.
Adoi...lupa pulak nama dua2 drama too. Old age is creeping on .
The one with that famous actors of Eman Manan and lupa lagi.
And not to forget that bollywood film starring Salam Khan..Batri...something.

Oh yes....sakit gigi sakit gusi these few days snapped the energy out of me.Also parts of my memories....

Today...woke up to another news. IMDB is making headlines in fb and blogs as well as forums. Ha...dah menyeberang lautan Pacific,Lautan Hindi dah...nun jauh berita datang. Dari Land of Uncle Sam pula. Tengoklah nanti ada pakpong pampong dalam berita kat Malasia or not.

It was also my ritual to go over the messages on Whatsapp. Especially the news from my children in the city and one in the east coast. Aduh...selama hampir seminggu whatsapp ku lesap...jadi kelabu dan berasap . Thinking of sending the android to be serviced or formatted at the IT shops. Meanwhile, I cybersurfed the know how to reinstall the apps. Mujuq berjaya buat sendiri..Selamat duit.

The LRT is giving a hard ride to many in the Klang Valley to commute to the offices in the city centre. Kesian kat anak2....bangun dan bergerak awal pun bukan gerenti boleh sampai awal ke  office.
Dah la kadar parking melambung 200 peratus sjak dua hari lepas.
Agak agak apa lagi no kemudahan rakyat marhaen nak di naikkan,ditiadakan.....kesian kita .

Read a quote... be thankful. Others may envy the life we are having as they are not having a life at all.

Got to be thankful no matter what. ...
Anak2...jadi tak plan utk cuti raya nanti...need rejunevation . Need to feel the fresh air from the sea. Need to see the waves breaking on the beach and to feel the sand under the feet...

At the moment...Oh mere geet blaring from channel 864 Astro. India Beat.

Bye...enjoy the moment.

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