Saturday, July 2, 2016

The exodus

Beginning this weekend , the exodus home begins.
And the children of no. 7 are the same.

I was restless until the wayfarer set foot home.
Think all mums are the same.....

Seawal jam 3, I was wide awake. Reached for the phone and typed....dah sampai mana,yang?
Soon the reply came ...tak sure dok mana.

Returned back to sleep only to wake at 4++. Got out of bed and warmed the food for sahur. For me and mycikli. The remainder of the ayam masak pedas bertaucu was soon plated and made its way to the dining table. A freshly cooked sayur sawi too.

After sahur ,typed the question...dok mana la ni ? again. And the reply came back somewhere in Penang. Ah...tak jauh la tu
And by 8 she was safely home. After a twelve hour journey on the bus. Alhamdulilah.

Today,another would be making her way home via the firefly and a day before eid, another would take to the air too.Pray for their safe arrivals.

Mak,jadi dak mai ambik?
Tentu jadi...boleh shopping sekali hehe.

This year only three would be here by the first of Shawal. The youngest of the brood would be in KL and be making her way home on the second of raya.
Tak apalah. Last year she was in Perlis. Eloklah berselang seli.
As fate would have it, my raya was always Perlis first, then Kedah. Kadang terfikir juga ,tentu mak terasa dengan kami. Those were the days.Circumstances had their way.

So ... these few days, my interest would be on the traffic di lebuhraya.
I would be a statistic of those who surfed the internet for the latest traffic updates.
Senang kan ada..

Bye...salam ramadan.

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  1. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri..maaf zahir dan batin dari kami sekeluarga di Ampang!