Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Datangnya berdua bertiga berempat.....

Monday was here. Yesterday.
Tuesday is now here until its time to go.

Yesterday was filled with the usual humdrum of activities.Usual as well as those not in the list of things to do.
At ten,off to remedic for cikli's treatment.
Oh no...the car park was full to its brim.And after letting off cikli at the clinic,cikson wandered off to find a space to park cikkoko.
And find a space she did but metres away.Locked the car and trudged wearily to the clinic.
With the plastic bag of cikli's medicine,cikson knocked on the door and opened it.
Whew! A bald head was what she saw on the treatment table.
La...cikli was not in the room. It was another patient.Adoi....malunya aku.
Rupanya hari ni bilik treatment cikli bertukar ke bilik .
Quickly closed the door and heade for the nurse. Enquired for the room ,handed the nurse the bag and then took an empty seat in the waiting area....

It was evening.
The house needed its clean up.
Vacuumed the house top to bottom and then mopped it inside out.
Wasnt I tired?
Well,if I could die and live again...hmmm that was it.
Pukul 6 sat lagi ada kenduri kat kedai ....cikli told me when he returned from town.
Glancing at the clock ,it was already 5.And I was dead tired.
Then there was the chicken that I had defrosted to be cooked.....
But...if I were absent at the function ,tak elok la pula.
Adoi cikli....jemputan diterima hours ago.Apa salahnya call bini bagi tau. Tak lah dia berdanok dengan habuk segala dan bersiap lebih awal.
It was past six when we were at the function...

Coming back from the function,it was already dark. And it was a tough drive for cikson .
Sampai rumah pun ada cerita...

Aduhai hati....janganlah rapuh sangat
Aduhai mulut...janganlah cepat sangat nak kata kata
Aduhai otak...janganlah dok fikir macam macam.

Breathe in breathe out....relax.

Today is another day. Entahlah.

Got to be strong cos its the only thing to do. Berserah pada Allah .Tawakkal.