Thursday, March 24, 2016

100 Fahrenheit

100 degrees Fahrenheit is equals to 37.7778 degrees Celcius.
Wow......37.8 C

Well folks...that is the temperature in Kangar right now.
Been sweating under the sewltering heat these few days.
No rain as yet and it might be another month for it to come down.

It was under this extreme weather that my thought travelled to those days in my own village.Years and years ago.Whenever a draught hit the tiny nook,all wells dried up.We didnt have pipe water till the 70s.
Hmm...mum n dad would deepen the well.Artisans would be called for the work.Hard work when all the equipments they have were their bare hands.Large cylindrical well were bought from the hardware shop in town.
And when the day came,mum would cook some food to feed the crowd that came to lighten the work.
Then the work began.
With cangkuls and pails, a man or two would go down the well .Eerily its already quite deep.And with their hands,cangkul the soil to be heaved up.Then large cylindrical concrete tubes would be lowered,A work that required precise timing and wordly strength.
Look of jubilations and cries of triumph like a battle won whenever white cloudy water rushed out of the soil.Mission accomplished.

Sometimes the draught was too bad that no digging of the soil was fruitful.And we the kampung children would march into the woods to fetch pails of water.Even the slightest source of water was a rejoice.

Oh no...been quite a while I wrote fully in this bahasa .Sorry for all the mistakes. Dont care to check though.

In this heat...heads ache .
Macam tadi kat klinik macam nak jerkah saja orang yang dok terjerit2 jawab tepon.
Oooi cik klinik la.Nak kelai pi balik ghumah....macam tu la makcik nak kata....hehe.

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