Tuesday, September 22, 2015

eh tak kuasa...

Setiap hari ada saja baju baju yang perlu dibasuh
Cikson's motto is...once worn considered soiled is much the opposite of cikli's which is :
Wear until you can bear.So cikli's will have a long line of clothes while cikson has heaps of clothes in the basket.
Washing clothes is easy breezy thats what I could see.
Cikson put the machine on.Turn the tap on and water will soon fill the machine.Then she puts her heap of soiled clothes in the tub and the rest is....let the machine do its work.
And when its over,the faithful wm will blare...teeeeeet,teeeeeet
And soon the clothes found themselves hanging in the sun to dry.

banyaknya baju nak basuh..

mama ,jom kita lipat baju..
The clothes came into the house.
Time for them shirts to be folded.
Mamanina, lets help mamson fold the clothes,I suggested one day
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 From up the window ledge,mamanina put an air of arrogance
Eh itu kerja manusia
Especially yang species betina macam kita!She then climbed down and went to sleep  ...


and more zzzzzzzzzzzzz
And I climbed into a plastic bag to play hide and seek.
aci lut caaaak
Kesian mamason...
Susah no jadi manusia betina....

Eh Pong..manusia tak ada betina.
Yang betina tak buat kerja macam hampa...depa relaks saja
Kami yang perempuan yang kena buat kerja macam macam.Kata mamason dengan marahnya.

eh tak kuasa aku,



  1. hahaha.comel masuk dlm plastik bag.Same goes to me,once worn,in it goes to the laundry basket.Arini projek kemas baju baby dlm cabinet dia.Hehe.

    1. Pong cukup creative...ada2 saja.
      Selamat kemas mengemas..