Saturday, August 15, 2015

The story of tt

Woke up at 5.55 when the phone started buzzing.
Gave a call to a number hundreds of kilometres away.She has asked to be woken, afraid that she might miss an appointment.Poor girl.
It was then that that frail body crossed my mind.

TT or tokton is my mother.
I met her last at the arwah's home.
In the midst of all the happening,she came to see for herself the place of her daughter's resting place.Everbody thought that she was not fit to stand the scorching sun in the treeless burial ground.She proved us wrong.
She sat there through the whole ceremony.Wordless.Her eyes were solemnly expressionless.Thats what that I could see.But in her mind who knows.It was Fathomless.
When she was in my house for those few months,she was always not at ease.
She wanted to stay at her eldest daughter's house.She was afraid that she might not be there if anything untoward were to happen.Given that my sis was not well and her eldest daughter too.
One day in the middle of the night she called out to me.
Mak nak balik SP la..mak bukan tak suka dok sini tapi sini jauh...Kalau apa apa terjadi mak tak ada.

She stayed in SP after that.But the months or days before raya she was with my younger brother.In a small town a few kilometres from LB.Lebai Man.
And as it was to be.she was not there when her daughter was destined to meet the Creator.She arrived only before arwah was shrouded.
Tok dok sini.Tok tak boleh pi...I heard the bibik ordering her to remain in the room .
Bik...cakap baik baik ya dengan tok.Jangan tempik.
We then left the house for the burial ground.
It was in the middle of the ceremony when the frail tt was seen making her way to the spot were satnding.
Mak nak mai juga....and she stayed until everything was over.

Keputusan dibuat...Mak duduk di SP.

We left her .Hoping everything will be fine.
Then I read my niece's writing.
I gave her a call.
Kalau ada masaalah, mak ngah boleh jaga tok.Dont worry.Just call.

Itulah .TT tak berapa suka datang Perlis kerana jauh....It was her reason when asked if she wanted to stay with us.
Sapa nak tengok Nani..her disabled cucu whom she cared since small.Was her reason.

Itulah tt...even in her condition,she always think about her loved ones.
She has gone through too much.

Poor tt.


  1. Pasti tak nak menyusahkan siapa-siapa...

    1. Betul uncle,
      TT seorang yg berdikari.Tak mau menyusahkan anak cucu.Dia seorang pemberi bukan penerima.Jauh sekali meminta2.