Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pong Writes....kesian dia

Pity her...
Mamason has to wake up early .When everyone is sound asleep she was already nimble in the kitchen.At 4.30 in the wee hour of the morning,when that buzzing creature of a gadget goes off,she dragged herself heavily to the bathroom.Wash her face and got herself ready for a twae kwan do in the small kichen.

There goes the rice cooker.The leftovers reheated,the water dispenser switched on.She cleaned the dining table of used plates and cups.Then lay the clean table for another round of early morning meal.
Only when the food was laid up ,she call to the family members to wake up.
And when the meal was over,the cleaning started all over again.By her of course.

Awat mamason kena buat ni semua?
relax sat

relax relax kucing bujang
Biasalah itu kerja mak mak dan bini bini orang.Lainlah bujang mcm Pong ni.Relax je.

That was only a small part of the big part.The whole life of a mak or bini orang ,they have to be submissive.If not bukan bini or mak mithali.Worse still if even where the money for the family must be met by them....biasalah kata orang la ni...

Pity her...
Mamanina was sent to the cage to be confined together with the small kittens.4 little cute kittens were the latest addition to this household.Mamason said they have to go out under the porch as they are now a little bigger. So from the room in the house they are now in a cage.
Eh mana bapa mereka?
Hmm...biasalah.Bapa kucing mana tahu jaga anak.

The other day I watched the fowls in tokwan's garden.That big red cock was the leader.When cikson threw pieces of leftovers,the big cock was the first to notice.He made a sound calling his family members to the food.
Tu la bapa ayam nampaknya lebih caring dari bapa kucing.Atau bapa orang kadang kadang..
kawan baik Pong tapi bukan BF tau...

Tu la saja Pong nak tulis.

Bye. Selamat berpuasa.



  1. how fortunate ! great lessons from your daily view of fowls and cats! so lovely !

    1. Sometimes I feel better talking to the cats than to a human being.....