Saturday, February 14, 2015

Whataweek 2....the journey (updated)

Being a longer than usual weekend,the children of RBL except one were able to stay longer.Then came the day when they have to bade gudbye. The adorable young couple were sent to the airpport and msina to the bus stand.
Kaklong from Pahang who drove back had mama for company on her way back.She could manage on her own but mama insisted on a company.Manalah tau pening demam on that 500 km journey.Ada juga peneman buat berbual kalau mengantuk.Lagi pun dari dulu dulu lagi,keluarga ciklicikson tak pernah lagi biar anak anak balik sendirian kalau memandu.Keluarga lain tak taulah...Selagi ada upaya.

So off to KL we went .stopping at SP to visit my ailing mother.What I got and gave back was a shocking revelation that penned up emotions could go haywire.I was told to stand up for me myself and stood up I did.Things that I had not done for years got the better of me.And all hell were let loose.So sorry for that.

We continued our journey soon after.....
The journey along the Utara Selatan Plus Hiway was uneventful.It was a chitachat session between the driver and the passenger.Nothing much.
By the come we miss the Bukit Gantang R&R. And the one stop we made was at Tapah and mum got to tuck in her fav croissant .

Itulah secebis dari kejadian sepanjang perjalanan.
Reaching SK my already tired limbs were forced to climb up to the fifth floor of the apartment for the last time.
Tomorrow was another story.

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