Friday, January 30, 2015

Teringat dia

If ever I was thankful,it would be to my late father ,my ailing mum and my late neighbour Tok Su.
My parents didnt inherit sens and ringgits but they went all the way to give us decent educations. At the time when education for girls was not the norm of the day.Lebih lebih orang susah mcm kami.
Educating children is like planting seeds.So they say.
The seed they planted decades ago have grown into trees...
The trees they grew gave shades to sons,daughters and grand daughters and great grand children.
From a humble mee seller in the sixties,pa would smile today if he was alive.

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Tok Wan would be proud and happy to welcome the new member of the family.Tentu dia kecoh dok cakap Jepun.
One of the cucus pun kerjanya ulang alik ke negara matahari terbit..

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Tok Wan takut naik kereta...kapalterbang apa lagi.Dia tak sempat pergi mekah.Namun ada cucunya dah jadikan Negara Padang Pasir tempat cari nafkah.

Dan masih terngiang di telinga setiap balik kampung soalan lazim arwah adalah:
Bila hang nak jadi GB?
Buat adik pula bila hang nak jadi prof?

Buat abah....2 soalan itu dah ditunaikan..

Entah kenapa hari mulia ini ingatan ku terarah kepada Arwah Ahmad bin Darus...Alfatihah.

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  1. dh berayaq mata.I thought of my late father.semua org pun akan rindukan org yg kita sayang kan? i missed him dearly.missed those sweet moments together.we hardly had time to be together most of the time.maklum org susah.dia kna krja teruk.and the little time we had was vry2 quality time.I used to sing to him evrytime he was having hs lunch.that was the only precious time.when he came bck at nght I was already fast asleep...oh ayah..missed you.u are lucky yr father lived longer than mine kak.