Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ujian ini...this test

It was past midnight.Suddenly the phone rang shattering the silence of the night.
With a heart thumping heavily I grabbed the gadget.
Maa...lekas buka astro awani.Apa jadi kat MAS ni..was the quivering voice at the end of the line.Coming across the mountains from Pahang.
I jumped from my bed and ran to the living room.Switched on the tv and couldnt believe what I was hearing.

Pesawat MH 17 dipercayai ditembak jatuh di Ukraine.

Oh no not again Not MH.  ...I was dumb and numb .My heart literally stopped.
Switching to CNN was breaking news .And Malaysia was in the limelight again.So were the other news channels.
In the early hours of the morning,my living hall was filled with news and graphics of the downed plane.Tears rolled down my cheeks for the poor souls struck by the tragedy....
Anger welled for those responsible for this atrocious act.Mass murder of innocent lives..

Do you know anybody on board....I inquired my daughter.
Soon the name of the pilot came over....poor soul.May Allah place you among the blessed and revered.May you be among the syahid.
My heartfelt  condolences to those who perished.No words could describe.

Its been 3 days....the answer to the tragedy is yet to be uncovered.
And these past days ....I lost myself in sorrow.Even though I have no one on board that I know of.

I lost too my desire to laugh too.
Issh kalau kena keluarga sendiri entahlah bagaimana nak terima ..

Apa apa pun kita kembali kepada fitrah....bisik hati.
Ya Allah besarnya ujian mu kepada kami rakyat Malaysia.Untuk kali keduanya dalam tempoh lima bulan ini.


  1. Replies
    1. IM.,
      still reeling from the sadness.rasa raya tahun ni kurang serinya...Ini kita,tentu lebih perit anak isteri dan kaum keluarga mangsa MH17 juga MH 370.Alfatihah utk mereka yang pergi.

  2. Salam, I was tanfixed, sampai sahur dari the fon call I got from my son. I ingat I was going to get one of my attcks. Went doen ant told my brother,` They just shot our plane down'. `Huh, who what, tak dengar pun, and he scuttle to his Laptop. Lepas seteguk air I went up and opened mine!
    There all over the Western media, IBT, CNN, BBc, AlJazz waas what we have no comprehension, black smoke trailing, a fireball and a fireball!
    We are all into the last 3rd of Puasa. After two days trawlling from post shahur, now and again when time permits, along with checking updates from GAZA, here we have another calamity and deadly disaster.
    A total death of 295 passengers when MH17 went down, Hagrove, Donetsk, East Ukraine restive rebel-controlled area. Of all things we got hit by BUK missiles.
    Now, Day3, the figure has been revised to 298. Our Muslims are not buried yet, let alone allowed to recover by these scumbags kafir laknatullah. More than anything, they are also tampering with evidence and have spirited the Black Boxes (1st thing Moscow directed, for sure by the mad Rascal Putin) to destroy all incriminating evidence.
    All that is left is for all Muslims worldwide in whatever `dharurah' to make full use of these last 9days to beseech Allah Taala `please Help us all' from these murdering Kafirs and their Agenda - be it Yahudi or Valdimir Putin.
    Allah is Our only Hope for a tiny non-military Nation. Now we have to cock one eye and an ear open too, for any `mengada-ndaga' for `Tiny Israel' down South.

    1. Shakirin Al -Ikram,
      these tragedies that befallen MAS have a deep impact on us Malaysians.Up to this day I could feel a deep grief for the victims.
      Hope that no untoward happenings anymore.Risau dgn keadaan sekeliling yang berlaku lebih lebih lagi dgn internet yang nampak tanpa sempadan.Sedap saja nak tulis apa saja tanpa hirau sensitiviti org lain..

  3. salam aidilfitri dan maaf zahir batin mak tuu., ehHHee