Monday, June 23, 2014

Those gone by years

Remember me telling about a SMS from Putrajaya.I was apprehensive when I received it and showed them my children to be precise
Ma ...baik baik .Mungkin scam.
So I left it as it is.Well....if the person needs me he will find me.Not the other way around.

A few days forward...a call one evening confirmed me that the caller and the sms sender was genuine.And I was visited by them in my own home after maghrib one day.
Oiii....rasa gelabah juga la bila disoal perkara perkara yang tak berapa kita ingat.Especially names,dates and numbers.I remembered quite well events though....hmmm thats me .

I cannot disclose the case as it is on going and maybe or definitely I have to present myself in jalan Duta.
Takut dak of the children asked.
Nak takut apa.....hehe sebenarnya mau tak takut.Buat ditanya soalan soalan yang bukan.Cikson memang cepat gelabah.haha.

Apapapun.....apa yang dilalui akan menambah pengalaman hidup.Juga bahan buat tulisan dan pengajaran....

Those gone by years as a head teacher of a school came fleeting back to my mind.How happy were the teachers to have a well furnished teachers room complete with the latest gadgets....

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