Sunday, June 22, 2014

Its a sunny Sunday...

semoga tidak jadi begini
Its been hot and dry these last few days.Too hot that the brick walls are hot to touch....I lie you not.RBL resembles a furnace or an oven slowly cooking the old couple to crisps.Even the tap water is hot to take a bath come afternoon...

Well...its the same story anywhere in Perlis right now.The on set of el nino lah gamaknya...Miss my cool no 7

Nina is here at RBL.She seemed a lit bit 'peghak' when she set foot on her new home.Mewing endlessly.Scrutinizing the are with ultimate care.La ni .....ehmmm  dia dah jumpa pakwa sebelah pagar...

Yesterday tok ma hosted a naik rumah kenduri for her daughter.With bacaan yasin and later makan makan.Nasi putih with gulai ikan kering,ayam merah,gulai daging with rebong  and not to miss sambal belacan and ulam ulam.

With the birds chirping endlessly,the fowls crowing ,the cars buzzing by ,the sawah on the other side of the road green and distant horizon looks like its going to be another hot sunny day.....Hope my heart is as sunny as the day..And goods things come my way while those otherwise pi main jauh jauh....


  1. tunjuk la kami nk tengok..msti best kan? pindah umah baru? siap atur perabot semua lain kan dri umah lama kan? kalau saya smpai tengah mlm tk tidur semata2,nak tengok semua dh trsusun rapi..

    1. Maz,
      rumah tumpang.mana boleh ikut hati kita nak buat apa apa.kena tuan dia tak setuju.....buat penat aja.RBL ni cikson tolong jaga habuk saja.