Thursday, April 17, 2014

Breaking news...Sewol....oh no,not again

4 storey high

whats left

Yesterday,I woke up to the breaking news of the Korean ship sinking off the coast of S.Korea..on the way to Jeju Island.
Of late....calamities seem  the order of the day.Either it be natural or man made.
Ukraine on the brink of civil disorder.
Central Africa (with her ethnic cleansing the like of Burma.Not to forget about Ebola and mers/sers?

200+ lives still missing in the Korean tragedy.And the number is changing by the day.
those survived...are they teachers?

On the home yet again,the first news in the net is about the accident. involving Karpal Singh.
And the search for MH 370 is still going on...but the buzz about it is fading with each day and new happenings.

And the mother of 4 in me,worries a lot about the children.Their mobilities...travelling to and fro to work.Going over the LDP come weekends,the NS highway once in a while during the holidays and celebration..
Read with trepidation that the driver of the ill fated Trans which crashed a not so while ago was on morphine..That Karpal's Alphard was involved with a lorry changing lane.The list is endless.

Rindu dengan hidup yang tak tahu apa apa...maunya gembira saja.Ada ke?
Zaman kanak kanak riang ribena....which I dont remember.
Hidup di JPL penuh kepayahan .Tapi sekarang penuh kerisauan.

Hanya pada mu Ya Allah ,doa kami panjatkan
Semoga dipermudah segala urusan
Untuk menghapus jentik ,ulat dan virus kerisauan
Pada mu  ...Ya Allah, kami harapkan.

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