Friday, March 14, 2014

Kisah mereka 2

Melihat kipas yang 'berdanok ' as the northerners put it,I put my clutter free gears to work.Apalagi tulang empat kerat mamason yang semakin mereput la namanya.Armed with a broom and a dirt cloth I swept the fans with all my might.Hmm...its not shiny like its new...anyway its cobweb free.

I hate to look at fans that are dust covered and imagined all those dust mites being mobilized every time the switch is turned on..

The two children of no 7 were keen observers.They watched with eyes wide opened when I hold the broom and the piece of cloth on its end.I sprayed the cloth with Clif Kitchen cleaner and began to sweeping the kitchen fan.Tengok tengok si squirrel dan ninasandaq dok melopong tengok makcik dok buat kerja..

I paid no attention to them and continued on my chores.
Kedebummmm......kedebaaaaammm...came the sound from the store cum abang we's room.I stopped .When I snooped into the room ,ninasandaq was on top of the rug that I had rolled up.

Woi...buat apa tu..? Dok buang sawang ka?
Squirrel was at the bottom of the rug.Looking up .
Hah...mana perempuan kena buat kerja bahaya...Org lelaki tengok saja.

Later,I saw squirrel on top of the almari...
Tu baru betul.....
sini dah bersih mama

mama..tolong nak turun

Macam macam kisah depa.

Its day 7.....Where has MH 370 gone to? Pray for MH 370.


  1. Rajin sungguh ninasandaq dan squirelll menolong ye ... Kat sini kalau kita sibuk sapu sampah, Si PYO pun tolong jugak. Tolong bergayut kat penyapu yg bergerak dan sapu sampah dgn badan dia ... Hehe

    1. lawak PYO.Squirrel dgn ninasandaq banyak menyibuk dari menolong.