Friday, January 3, 2014

It will be a long night

Went to sleep around 9.30.Woke up an hour later, felt hungry and gobbled a few mouthful of rice.
Sleeping before its due time and then waking up has an unpleasant side to it.I wont be able to go back to sleep easily..
So rather than tossing in bed trying to catch that elusive dream,its better to stay awake.Ala...besok bukan kena pi kerja pun.
Did some reading and surfing the net.Incidentally daughter in SK posted that haunting song I heard on Light FM in fb.Throughout the week I turn into Light FM while doing household chores and without fail this song would be on air..And I fell in love with it.

This past week we went house hunting.And I came with this realisation...its like chasing the end of the rainbow.The houses that we seen were beyond her mean...I pray that our longing for owning a house would materialise soon enough.Please God have pity on my dear after what she had gone through.I was lambasting her for not purchasing one earlier without realising her financial commitments.Now that she is better off financially,the price of houses has ballooned beyond her reach.

There were many things that bother me lately.Cikli has lost quite a considerable amount of income .But it would be okay since all children are no more dependent on us.We have to be prudent in our spending .Slashing those that are not important.Cooking more than buying ready cooked food.Got to do some grocery shopping however.It would be good if I could visit that pasar tani in Seriab..

It will be a long eyes wide open..
Thought goes to dear sonny bonny in KL.Saw his status on fb 4 am.Just finished his work at last..Kesiannya.4 am mum and dad were snoring in bed.And he had to slog in front of the computer.Siang tadi pula dipejabat.Take care of your health dear.

Eh kalau la mama kaya raya macam mama besar...tentu all these wont happen.Tentu tak jadi kudis nak beli rumah harga 300 k .Tentu anak mama dah tidur ditilam empuk persis tilam hotel 6 bintang dari mengetuk papan kekeunci jam 4 pagi dalam bilik tidur..
Tentu anak mama tak kena hantar mengajar sekolah yang jauh jauh dan berbeza budaya dari kita.Atau lebih lagi tak perlu kerja apa apa.....

Anyhow...amat bersyukur atas apa yang kita ada hari ini.Lihat sekeliling ada manusia yang lebih susah .Dan payah mereka tentunya berganda ganda dalam masa kenaikan harga sekarang...

Its been a long night....and I leave to be with my creator...mengadu padaNya.Memohon padaNya.Ya Rabb.


  1. kak, what u wrote here betui2 mcm what I feel many times..we only want the best for our children..kdg2 kawan2 n neighbours wonder why I selalu pi KL sdangkan anak2 dah besar2, dah settledown nicely, and kalau I tk pi depa yg balik.Its a beautiful thing call pa kita tk kaya tapi kita kaya 'cinta' kan? and yes waking up in the wee hours to reach for feels good.DIA tempat mengadu..and you have that kind of feeling susah nak dscribe after that kan? the serene beauty of it.hamba dan penciptanya..lets keep on praying..

    1. Mujur ada that thing called LOVE yang masih boleh diberi pada anak anak..Dengan love itu kita tak putus berdoa utk kebaikan anak anak.Yang lain lain tak termampu dah nak beri..Semoga Allah makbukan doa kita yang selalu meminta minta...mohon diperkanankan doa seorang ibu pada anak anak.