Sunday, October 13, 2013

xie xie ni leng chai

I thought its a gone case hen I overheard the case.
We had just returned from our shopping trip at Tesco when the voice at the other end seemed worried and restless.
Ba call sat no cek....she said.It soon revealed that she had been separated from her gadget for quite some time.The number she called was from a phone booth.She had searched high and low but to no avail.Call to her number remained unanswered.
As she had to make the journey home and remaining in contact is a mustI gave her the advice to buy the cheapest  set in market...

Then the inevitable happened...

I dialled her number to be greeted by :
Orang yang anda dial berada diluar kawasan....eheh mcm tu lah sikit sikit.

A few minutes went by when my phone began buzzing.I could hear a voice at the other end
Lu mau ambik lu punya fon ka.....persis suara uncle 50 puluhan.Saya sini...he said .I handed the phone to cikten as she was more familiar with serikembangan.

It happened that he came across the phone near a restaurant...lying on the ground..He answered no call except to call back my number as my daughter has saved it to the name of mama....

After some calling here and there,cikten managed to contact her sis.By this time she has purchased a new phone....cheaply like mum said.
 All well ends well....she was united back to her blackberry thank to one kind leng chai....
Mana dia tua mama.....she said.Muda lagi...

Xie xie ni leng chai.....thank you.

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