Monday, October 14, 2013

Busy day ahoi

Will be a busy week.....
Hari Raya Qurban will be here just a matter of hours.
One by one the children of no.7 would be knocking on the door .The dear from Jinjang was already home and on Raya's night will be flying back home in Kepong.
The Pahang darling is on the way home....late by two days due to tickets to Perlis being sold out...kesian.And the journey home is by air with a transit of 8 hours...lagi kesian
And the SK love could only make it on raya's eve...going back on Wed.kesian no. one and only hero would be in the capital...couldnt make his way home....lagi lagilaaaaa kesian...tak gitu?
Tok ton is here with us and she would make herself busy....folding clothes.She stopped mopping when dr.hohoho told her not to do so...Watching al hijrah and other tv prog featuring the Haj is her number one fav.Furthermore ,her daughter and sil are there performing the 5th principle of Islam..

And who would be the busiest of the all....
As usual la ...the maam of the house..but this time around she would have to be careful.The arms are still sore,the bp is jumping up and down,the legs are getting weaker...ahh...all those ailments that come with age.But cook she must and have to...

Today she would be cooking....gulai kepala ikan.veggie,dori fish which she has yet to surf on the way to cook for lunch.
later she would cook rendang for the ketupat which cikli bought and ayam masak merah,dalca for the next day.

Tu belum buat serunding lagi...
Mee kuah could be not be served as the children stay is too short and mum could not do it single handedly.I hope janganlah ada yang marah dan merajuk..

My only hope for today would be that I stay strong to be busy the whole day....

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